Women`s Day – Housewife with SuperPower

Padma Pardhy or padma pardhy photography was non-existent few years back.However This Interview on Women`s Day making me more emotional then rational.As we say every success has a story and i do have one.

I had my own set of challenges.

Truly speaking photography has never ever been in my genes, but it was always a part of my passion. I don’t know how i turned out to be a photographer; it’s that passion driven by desire supported by planned action that has made me as what I am today were the world relates me as a creator of memorable photographs.

At what age you got married and what age you decide to do photography

I started from nowhere. I am a wife, a mother, or like any another Indian women. I got married at an early age of 22 and got into photography at the age of 40. The only thing i knew that i would love to capture little moments of life through my camera. That’s when i realized god has gifted me with a talent to capture a million dollar moment and cherish it forever.

Fashion the only world where miracles happen every moment and i can be a creator for those moments and be the one to capture them all. Its then I started working as fashion photographer.

I might not be stylish or wear the jazziest clothes, but that’s my fashion. At the same time i understand fashion beyond its limitations. Thus i know how to do my things my way.

Image Credit – Padma Pardhy Photography

How photography satisfy your soul

Holding a camera today makes me excited as if i am holding a million dollar jewel. Standing as a photographer makes me feel complete and i know that i belong here. It’s a realm that i cannot express in words and where i stand today is definitely destiny and i am destinies child.

Image Credit – Padma Pardhy Photography

How do manage between marriage and your hobby

. Managing both photography and family was indeed a big challenge, but I am really lucky as I have a very supportive husband and a very inspiring daughter who never let me falter in my work. They helped me deal with the daily hassles effortlessly. Moreover I got a very good team to work with who contributed much to my efforts

Image Credit – Padma Pardhy Photography

What kind of support you were getting

When i started my journey definitely many no’s, don’ts and never came, but a few yes from my family members was enough for me.

Image Credit – Padma Pardhy Photography

Your message to society and other housewives

. So as a housewife and a photographer all I can say is your will and efforts definitely play a very important role in pursuing your passion.

Image Credit – Padma Pardhy Photography